Connection Failed on CTRL-K for latest version

Good Day ,

I am getting an connection failed when trying inline code create

This is with version 0.36.2 when I roll back to version 0.35.1 it works

I have to note that chat still works fine in 0.36.2 but not inline CTRL-K

There might have been a bit of a server outage. Does this issue still persist for you? Which model are you trying to use?

same here.

i’d like to re-install older version, but I deleted the installation files. Is there anywhere I can download an older version?

same here !

CTRL+K : KO with 0.36.2 ; OK with 0.35.1
CTRL+L : OK with 0.36.2 ; OK with 0.35.1

I luckily still had a copy of the older version maybe the team can make the previous release available for download