Cursor 0.13.1 (python)

python and pylance are still blocked to very old releases (the same as in the previous cursor release)
Is by design?

If I extract the AppImage, in product.json there is still this node:
“extensionMaxVersions”: {
“vscodevim.vim”: {
“maxVersion”: “1.25.2”
“ms-python.python”: {
“maxVersion”: “2023.14.0”
“ms-python.vscode-pylance”: {
“maxVersion”: “2023.6.43”


Unfortunately, the newer versions block non-Microsoft editors from using pylance.

I think I need i refund then

Understandable. I’ll send you a private message in which we can handle the rest.

Check your inbox:

Soooo…we are stuck with an ancient version of the python environment?

Can we have an update on python status quo?