Cursor as a gift and making sure giftee won't lose code (questions)

I’m going to give cursor as a birthday gift to my brother, who is a developer in Java and Rust. I have 2 questions.

This will be the first time he’s used AI coding software. I’m not a developer at all, no skills, so forgive the amateur questions but it’s all I know.

  1. If my brother uses this to create code and after 5 months, he decides to no longer use cursor software, will the code he created with cursor stop “working” …for some reason?

I doubt it but being uneducated on this, that would be a very good question to know before he uses this with the companies he works for.

  1. obviously they don’t have gift cards, so I’m assuming I’ll have to get his email from him and set it up with his email to pay correct? or is there a better way?

thanks for your help and i hope he likes this tech!

Basically, as a very simple comparison, you should consider a code editor as a text editor like Microsoft Word. All code projects consist of just simple text files. That means that every code file will always be compatible with any tool he choses to edit. Even, a simple plain text editor software like Notepad or TextEdit (included in Windows and macOS) could do the fact.

In fact, code is merely text that is used according to special rules (language). The meaning is always derived from the code text itself, not from the editor that you use to edit it. SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT COMPATIBILITY

However, what you might consider, is that most development software is not just a text pad. It usually also provides specific features. to make certain tasks easier to do (in the same way that Microsoft Words for instance makes it easier to format documents than Notepad).That also often leads to a habit of doing things a certain way,.

I think it might be suggestible to discuss this with your brother onbeforehand, because the tools that a development uses often feel very personal. You might compared that to a sculptor being gifted a new chisel or replacing a builder’s tool with new ones.

Because it is not usually a very common practice to gift someone a code editor.

that’s a great help, pieterdepauw. I will discuss this further with him before making any purchase.

thanks for the clarification and taking the time!