Cursor++ suggestions not fully visible


When using Copilot++, sometimes I don’t see fully the suggestions. They appear on the right part of the screen and are cut-off. Only workaround is to press Tab to accept the suggestion and then Cmd+Z if I don’t like it. See screenshot for example.

I’m using Cursor 0.34.0, payed version, and Mac OS Sonoma 14.5

Thank you


I have the same issue. The suggestions go over the chat sidebar and are not entirely readable at times. The previous popups worked better than the new ones.

Any update on this? Had this just now. Impossible to read the suggestion…

Same issue here

You could try hovering over the preview box and click on “View” on the bottom left. This opens up a git-diff style peek view.

Thanks, that indeed is an emergency solution. But generally this is not working well. This was much better with the previous tooltips:

This suggestion should show a double quote at the end of the line. But it itself is covering the part that should be changed and the part in the suggestion that is changed is out of display and not visible…

This happens far too often…