How do you force cursor to be obedient and to follow instructions?

I am trying to develop an app in .Net Maui. Its already difficult enough to work with C# and Maui in VsCode. I want to use Cursor and GPT4 and Opus to hopefully help this go smoother.

I am using the DevExpress framework for my components. I have given cursor the complete documentation for DevExpress Maui and it has indexed the documentation from the web, however it will still suggest regular Maui controls instead of using the ones that DevExpress has.

I have even gone as far into the system instructions and specifically told cursor to only use DevExpress controls and it will still become stubborn and do what it wants to do from time to time. Is there any way that I can force it to always use Dev Express at all times or is this really ultimately up to the LLM I am using?