Iterating through a list of files

I have a configuration object in TypesScript that I want to fill based on the contents of existing files. The object is a map of names to objects, with each object having two properties. If I select one item in the map and write an edit prompt like this, it works perfectly:

Fill in the `args` and `returnValue` properties based on the contents of @index.ts . The value of `args` should be a zod tuple (i.e. `z.tuple([])`) with a single value in the array; this value should be the value of the zod schema passed as the second parameter to the `createWorkflow` function call in the aforementioned file. The value of `returnValue` should be a zod schema representing the return type of the function passed as the third parameter to the same `createWorkflow` function call.

Note that this uses the @ syntax to reference the correct file.

The issue is that I have a large number of files to do this for. The names of the properties in the map are already filled in. The pattern for finding the correct file to use is something like packages/temporal-workflows/src/workflows/$PROPERTY_NAME/index.ts.

I’ve tried including a list of all filenames in the prompt, as well as providing instructions for how to find the correct file based on the base directory and the property name, but neither worked. Is there another approach I could utilize here?