More @ features advice

@ openedFiles means that @ all files which are opened in window, so you needn’t @ them one by one.

@ class means that, in c++, if you are in source file, it contains @header file. or if you are in header file, it contains @ source file

@ family xxx means that, if you @some component, it contains its children’s components.

@ currentFolder means that @Folder in current file in.

@ thisBlock means that @current block that editor cursor at.

@ references means that @ all files that current file imported or #include (in c#,js, ts, py,c++ …)

@ last means that same as last @things

@ changed means that it @ all files which have been changed since last git committed.

@ line7-15 means that @code from line 7 to line 15


This is my feature request. I hope the @ feature will be better.

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