Near-Instant Full-File Edits

The content of this blog post is of most interest to me! I would like to know how to actually get these kinds of performances? Near-Instant Full-File Edits
I would often need this in my work with Opus through API, but would be open to have it otherwise with another model. I subscribed to get copilot++ thinking the blog post was hinting that the coveted feature is available to subscribers only?
I cannot figure it out.
Please spell out the steps to caccomplish what the author of the blog post is accomplishing in terms of rewrite speed, this could be a game-changer and nobody is talking about it, it seems.


This is when you press the play button on code blocks (at the moment for files under 400 lines)

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Thank you for the quick response and the clarification of less than 400 lines. Works like a charm for the files I am currently working with.

Other clarifications: does this feature work at this speed regardless of the model we have chosen in the chat window? And does it work only for subscribers or does it work also for bring you API key users too?

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