Says "Used: [my file]: current file" but not actually including in context

I included a function from directly into the conversation, and it was from the file that had focus.
The assistant made some bad suggestions, so I figured it out myself and asked it to review the changes I made.

After I hit enter, it shows in dark grey text below the box:

Used Current file

but it looks like that file is never actually loaded into memory, since it says
“I apologize for the confusion earlier. Please go ahead and share how you resolved the issue, and I’ll be glad to learn from your solution and provide any further assistance if needed!”

A follow up here, I attached 3 files and asked it to review my code to tell what changed and if there was anything to add. It obviously completely did not read one of the files at all, and just guessed what had changed. Is this a context window issue? the files were only a couple hundred lines each so seems like they should have all fit. It did successfully compare 2 of the files to earlier work.

Not sure if this is the same issue but it was something not going into context that should have, so might be