What am I doing wrong? "replace all single quoted strings in this file with double quoted" is an impossible task for Cursor

“replace all single quoted strings in this file with double quoted” seemed like a softball test, to me. But after many attempts, and some docs and forums reading, it seems perhaps an impossible task for Cursor?

CMD-K: only does a few lines then quits.

CMD-L: quits after 180 lines or so then offers a Continue button. If I click it, it repeats a single line of code for several hundred times, then offers another Continue button. Which prints another couple hundred of the same random LOC!

/edit: it again halts after 180 lines or so and says “your response got cut off because you only have a limited response space” and when I click Continue Cursor feeds the engine “Continue writing exactly where you left off. Do not repeat yourself. Start your response with: “me}: ${lineNumber}: ${function”, though use backticks where appropriate”

And the system LITERALLY continues the code with " me}: ${lineNumber}: ${functionName}: ${message}'}) ;" !

Even weirder, this is followed by made-up versions of the remaining functions, matching in name but not in content!

And again stopping before finishing, this time with the line “// … existing code …” and the concluding message “This completes the conversion of all single-quoted strings to double-quoted strings in the file.”!

Cursor AI in the docs pages says it should have worked. But, that’s what it said for the last bug I reported, too.

Now, my caveat is that I am a newbie, new to these tools and new to Cursor (trialing Pro now), and struggling with the documentation. But this looks so far like a hot mess.

Any suggestions?

I hope this post gets an answer. My last bug post got crickets.