A delete button that appears on hover, with useful functionality on click below the appearing button, without undo available, is bad UX

When searching for keywords, especially with a narrow sidebar, the fact that find is actually find and replace by default, and replacing is an appearing-on-hover button, combined with that the default is blank, means that when I’m trying to click on a find result, if I’m not careful I can replace the found result with nothing

This problem is compounded in that it could be replacing anything from any file, and there’s no way to undo, so one wrong click and I have to go searching through difs on my codebase for what I deleted.

Trying to be really careful about noticing that its find/replace and hitting the arrow to change to find to avoid this, but should probably default to just find rather than find+replace and make the shortcut to replace a permanent button rather than a hover. The couple extra characters you could otherwise see from it being a hover like this is not worth it imo

Not sure how feasible it is to make the replacement undoable, but that would help too.

bump. Still an issue, just accidentally “replaced” a searched phrase with nothing (that is, deleted it)

Please make the shortcut to replace in the search and replace sidebar a permanent button rather than appearing on hover.

I’m not fully sure what you mean. Could you share a screenshot indicating the problematic UI (is the cmd+f and cmd+shift+f).

If this is a problem with Vscode as well, we won’t make these changes to the core editor UX.

so I see a list of matches to my search
I go to click on one to go to the line in my code
the replace icon pops up on hover
I click before I notice the pop up icon
it replaces the get_ with “” (nothing), which removes it from the list
no way to undo, and so it takes some time to track down what line I just erased

I’ve never used Vscode, so I have no idea which features are from cursor and which are from vscode