Apply changes for subclass method always goes to base class

The ‘apply changes’ feature has gotten a little better recently, but if you have any kind of class hierarchy it’s hopeless for the subclass methods. If I have a function named ‘format_llm_prompt’ in the base class and then override it in a subclass, then Cursor will be unable to apply changes to the subclass’ version because it always assumes I’m taking about the base class version. It’s evident that Cursor indexes functions by their name, which is an interesting choice. Intuitively, I would have guessed that Cursor could differentiate them based on where they are in the script.

This isn’t a horrible bug because usually I can just have it apply changes to the entire subclass and that works just as well, but it’s annoying that Cursor doesn’t index functions more precisely. It shouldn’t have to guess which function you’re talking about. Fixing this bug would also probably save tokens, too, because then Cursor would jump to the correct method more efficiently and spend less time guessing.