Bring back "New AI project" - should be awesome with claude 3.5

Sonnet 3.5 is awesome for generating a base structure for a project (different to gpt-4 back in the day). Would love to use that, instead of rote copying all those generated files. Great starting point for MVP tests.

Based on image(s) would be extra perfect.

Sonnet 3.5 seems pretty much useless for in-file chatting right now (apply is very limited).

“New AI project” (or “Add bigger feature”) could be the perfect use case, it works on a broader scale like Aider (which seems now in reach), but with more control for the finer steps.


Yes some kind of multi file generation would be great


Yes, I agree. It would be nice to at least have this. :partying_face:

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I won’t lie, I was sad that this feature was cut out. I downloaded soley for this alone but I’m still enjoying the IDE. Just wish it would come back at some point.

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Yes please!

I signed up for Cursor yesterday.

I was watching slightly older videos about Cursor on YouTube last night and saw the ‘New AI Project’ feature being demonstrated.

I was super excited to try it today when I got back on the PC, but was sad to see if wasn’t there anymore!

As well as being really helpful, I think this is a really cool feature to ‘show off’ and convince colleagues to try Cursor.

I think such a feature just helps you be more objective and think more clearly from the outset about what you want to create.

I’ve been watching videos about Aider as well and, to me, the ‘New AI Project’ feature has a similar feel to Aider’s ‘multi file creating and editing’ functionality.

A video demonstrating these capabilities is below.

I find this guy is a brilliant instructor - he is concise, comprehensive, thoughtful and well-paced - I hope he does a video on Cursor soon!

Claude 3.5 and aider: Use AI Assistants to Build AI Apps
(by ‘Coding the Future With AI’, 22 mins)


I wonder if ‘Interpreter Mode’ in ‘Ctrl’ + ‘L’ essentially does the same thing as ‘New AI Project’?

This video demonstrates that functionality in Cursor:

How to use Interpreter Mode and Terminal Commands in Cursor IDE
(by ‘echohive’, 5 mins)