Chat window not working for a particuliar folder

Screenshot 2024-02-01 150745
Hi there , can someone help let me know why Cursor Chat window is not working with one particuliar project folder while other folders seem to work . this is a screenshot of the chat window. It doesnt work no matter which model I select The same folder was working a couple of days ago . Thanks a ton for your help

Hi Vik,

Could you give me some more information on what you mean by not working? Are you not able to click on the message boxes and type or does it not show anything when you submit chat?

It would be really helpful if you could show me a side-by-side comparison of chat working for another directory and not working for this one.

It does not show anything when I submit chat on past chats . Once I used ‘New chat’ in the same folder I could start a new chat and start chatting . I’ll let you know if I face a similiar issue again , it actually just happened once .