Chat without context

so i’ve got a suggestion.
when you open the chat there is nothing related to “chat without context” and chat without using the current file. (I just want to ask a question from a document but i don’t want it to use my current file)
it only appears when you have searched something and now you have a button called chat without context.
what if beside those other option in the initial chat box, there was that “chat without context”??

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same here. I need a way to be able to chat without the full file. its using too many tokens each time

bump. anyone able to shine some light on this? is it a feature request or are we doing something wrong?

that is definitely a good request. will work on making this work without cluttering things too much. totally believe this is important.


just adding support for this feature.

it’s great to just chat within the context of the chat messages and not have to always include reference to the current file in the IDE.

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my hack for this is to just have an file active that just has a comment like:

ignore this empty file and base your response on the user text and chat history

that makes sense. we really do want to support this without too much clutter. hopefully we will ship something here soon.

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Also interested in this feature!

Any updates on this @sualeh ? Would be great for quick questions especially when working in a large file.

Bumping this, this feature is much needed please. It’s increasing the API bill significantly. No reason to send the whole file for every request.

try option-enter/alt-enter! it should use no context


That works, pressing option-enter/alt-enter before sending the message to GPT does the trick. Thanks so much!

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Glad to see this is a feature now! :slight_smile:


Hey, if you’re looking for a workaround, you might want to explore other chat platforms like Discord or Slack. They offer more flexibility in terms of starting conversations without context and could be a good solution for your needs. You can also check out to chat. It has very useful features, and you’ll definitely like it!