Claude Sonnet 3.5 - Vision not working

Vision in Claude Sonnet 3.5 is not working. I rely heavily on vision, and wanted to have the best model handle it.

Since Claude Sonnet 3.5 costs less than gpt4o, I don’t see why it would not have vision, if it was Opus I understand

Thank you

This should now work in chat! try again

It’s working now, thanks, though still a minor bug.

On the first message with an image attached, it does not see the image, only on the second message. In this screenshot, on the first message it is describing my system prompt lol

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Is this still happenning? If so, could you temporarily turn off privacy mode, try again, and share your acct email

Still happening, I have privacy mode turned off
my email is

weird, I have the same bug. Only the second round see the image

investigating this!

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thanks a lot! actually I am suspecting that when there is an image it does not even see the first request, since normally the response I got in that case is following .cursorrules.

now it is working for me I think