Cntrl+K broken in update 7/6/2024 - Version 0.36.1: VSCode Version 1.89.1

The Ctrl + k screen covers half the screen and the output window says : [Error - 12:36:26 PM] Request workspace/symbol failed.
Message: Method not found: symbol
Code: -32601

yesterday it was just fine, but even the Ctrl+Shift+Y to accept changes and Ctrl+N to reject them, green and red colors appear black in the map view as if it was extremely bugged.

Thank you for reporting! Could you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing please? Definitely want to fix it for you.

Definitely broken for me too. Cmd+K window is behaving very weirdly. When I scroll down it tries to follow the scroll down too, and in the process occludes all the code written.

It was better when the cmd+k window would go up with the scroll.

Could you send a screenshot or a video? It would help me understand better what the problem is.

as you can see if I paste a lot of text in the Ctrl + K panel I can’t even see the code anymore, no matter how far down I scroll. I can’t edit my code anymore. I can’t see what code I’m approving or rejecting and it’s been like this since the last update. by the looks of it I’m not the only one affected either.

Ah, I get it now! Thank you for your patience. This will be fixed in version 0.36.2.