Code Interpreter Mode - Deno died

tried it the first time and got this:

20:43:10.715 [info] Interrupt requested & sent for ~/.cursor/interpreter-notebooks/2024-07-01T18_41_58.725Z-64dc3d94-2199-4483-ae35-b805b001a561.ipynb in notebookEditor.

20:43:10.719 [error] Disposing session as kernel process died ExitCode: undefined, Reason: ⚠️ e[0me[33mThe `--unstable` flag is deprecated and will be removed in Deno 2.0. Use granular `--unstable-*` flags instead.

Learn more at:[0m

e[0me[33mWarninge[0m "deno jupyter" is unstable and might change in the future.

20:43:10.794 [info] Cell 0 completed in -1719859351.017s (start: 1719859351017, end: undefined)