Codespaces not working

Hi, we’re about to enroll cursor in my whole team, but one thing is a problem for us: When try using codespaces, it gives the error “Failed to connect to the remote extension host server (Error: Connection error: Client refused: version mismatch)”

Unfortunately, around 10 of our team members are working with codespaces only.

Would be great to see this fixed, to enroll it maybe in our whole company. Thanks.


This is a known issue! Apologies.

We’re looking into whether there’s a fix here and should know quite soon.

Watching :eyes:

Thanks, is there any ETA for this fix? Is it prio or not?

Also running into this - would love an eta if there is one :upside_down_face:

Following up re: using Codespaces with Cursor.

Is there any update on a fix for this?

Codespaces aren’t working as of today.

Would love to see this get fixed. My machine specs are not that good to run my company’s dev environment so I rely on Codespaces a lot.

Hey, do you think there’s any planning fixes on this one?

I’ve had to switch to vscode bc of that, and I really love cursor

same me, Any update?

Same Same

This is major for me to.

Is there any update on this?