Connect github repo?

Is there a way to connect a github repo for indexing? I thought I saw that but now I can not find it.

Github repo isn’t available anymore! Right now we’ll just index from your local folder

got it, thank you

Is there a way to easily index a specific repo in order to limit the amount of files it has to search through which increases the accuracy of file retrieval in order to ask questions about it?

No there isn’t, what you could do is go to the repo, go to the specific section that holds your information, copy that url and index it in cursor

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I think you can use the @docs loader and specify the url of the repository to load it

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Thank you both! I will try both suggestions.

@Docs does not work well with indexing full GitHub repos.

If you only need single files from a repo like the README, you can copy the raw file URL and put that into @Docs.

Otherwise, I recommend downloading the repo and running it through the codebase indexing.


Thanks for your addendum.