Cursor AI Chat can't find project symbols?

Apologies if I’m just not understanding how this is meant to work, but I swear this was working perfectly a month ago. I’m experiencing the following behavior:

  1. In AI chat, type “@” to begin referencing a project symbol - e.g. in my case I’m trying to reference a function named isEmailValid located in a util.ts file. No search results available
  2. Type “@” to begin referencing a project symbol but before doing so, enter the “Code” context first and type Enter. A list of functions appear and one of them is the function I’m trying to reference.
  3. Continue typing “@is” … (for “@isEmailValid”) - the suggestions disappear and there is no match at all for the function that was just listed in the dropdown.

I’ve tried re-indexing my project and also switching over to a few other projects, observing the same behavior. Also tried a .cursorignore on node_modules and dist (in my case have a Svelte project so thought it was getting confused on a dist output of the same symbol)

In case not clear, this issue has nothing to do with the AI chat itself, only the chat interface related to the “@Mention” mechanism. Seems to work fine autosuggesting anything else (Files, folders, docs) - just not project symbols.
Stellar product by the way, I am absolutely loving this editor.

OK sorry, please disregard. After some digging this appears to be much more a VSCode / language issue (and possibly an issue specific to Svelte language server) more than anything else. Seeing the same issue with VSCode’s general Go To Symbol in Workspace command of which there are a lot of reports about issues like this. js/ts workspace symbol search only works if you have loaded a js/ts file · Issue #11173 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub "Go To Symbol in Workspace" command provides inconvenient UX in some cases. · Issue #17022 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub etc. Sigh

Hi @jchase,

Glad that you’ve found your solution!

Please let me know if you need any other help, or if Cursor isn’t working as expected in any way.