Cursor behind a proxy

Dear all,

This is the continue of Problem reaching OpenAI - #4 by wey, I recently switched network env(from home to office), where I had to explicit configure internet access behind a http/socks proxy, I noticed vscode out of box supports http/https proxies, thus I was configuring the proxy like this:

    "http.proxy": "",
    "http.proxySupport": "on",
    "http.proxyStrictSSL": false,
    "http.proxyAuthorization": null,

Or start cursor with http_proxy env variable like:

export http_proxy=;export https_proxy=

cursor .

While I’m still suffering from unable to reach OpenAI(Pro Tier).

Could anyone in the community/team suggest on how I could possibly mitigate this or there are issues on Cursor AI traffic honoring proxies?

Many thanks!

PS. Cursor is the best AI pair coding offering :+1:.

Update: this should be some kind of corruption on configuration level, after cleaning up cursor and fresh install, everything is fine now.