! cursor not reading new docs correctly

putting this as a bug because just this morning is the first time i’ve ever seen Cursor give me the classic “as an AI model developed by OpenIAI…” runaround.

either something is broken with ingestion (these two new docs were just added in the last hour, one is public github repo, one is public documentation site) or somehow the LLM is not getting the context of these docs.

this conversation is slightly traumatizing to me, it reminds me of my life before cursor, which is full of unpleasant memories :wink: :

in case it’s helpful to debug, here are the docs urls causing the problem:


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I don’t think the Docs feature is good yet at scraping a whole GitHub repo, except for something like just the Readme file. You could try downloading the repo and putting it into your local project folder so the codebase indexing sees it.

i agree that’s a better way to handle the repo.

the github.io page shouldn’t have been an issue though