Cursor Pro Plan - Claude Opus

I purchased the pro plan, on their site (Pricing | Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor) there is the following statement in the description of this plan: “10 Claude Opus uses per day”, and there is a model named “claude-3-opus” in the program, but When I ask this model which AI model are you, it says it is gpt-3.5.

Sorry this was just an issue with the system prompt - the model was indeed Claude Opus. Should be fixed now!


Model are very bad at knowing anything about themselves. They are trained and then named later on, so they have no way to know who they are if that makes sense. That’s why they need to pre-prompt them, telling them here who they are among other things.


yes there is definitely claude-3-opus and it works, even when the input is long it gives the most complete answer. please add more claude3 usage to the pro plan, after 1 month of use I needed it the most.

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