Dalle-3 Image Generation Support

what are the chances cursor could include dalle-3 image generation?

(as a new feature) as cursor is really great as IDE, including feature of dalle-3 would extend use case for devs that also dabble in the field of design

As all people knowns, Cursor is a famous image generator for designers. And also provide code editing features. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

while cursor isn’t directly for designers, expanding its ecosystem to make it easier for devs to design with it, would further solidify its utility as the go to tool.

with the advent of AI, the individual / developer is further enabled to extend their abilities. frontend web development (while not exactly my use case) is a key example where design meets code - and would benefit from on-the-fly image generation (placeholders, titles, logos). game design and development is another example.

both devs and cursor would stand to gain from additional features. All the while keeping in mind, this isn’t to make Cursor into the next Coding + Photoshop IDE, but rather a potentially easy feature for them to add-on - as OpenAI has API calls that generate images via prompt (in the same way we utilize cursor now for regular responses)