Extensions not working

I have installed, reinstalled cursor, and restarted my comp and checked out vscode. VScode and extensions are working fine. Cursor is not. This is a brand new issue that I have never seen until 1/28/2024

Hmm. Definitely want to fix this.

Is the problem that Cursor is stuck at “activating extensions…” indefinitely? Or is it something else?

it is indefinite. However, it had started working again after I reinstalled the new cursor version after restarting my comp as well. But then it stopped again.

I forget what I did, but I restarted it again after signing in to my extensions in my VSCode editor (not cursor) and somehow everything has been working again.

I doubt they are related seeing as it was intermittent after I reinstalled cursor and restarted my comp. So far so good after I quit vscode again though.