Extreme slowness on 0.34

Hi there,

What is happening

Since yesterday (when I updated cursor to 0.34) I am experiencing extreme slowness across the board.

What is broken

Search is unusable.
Source control takes minutes to display the git diffs
The Extension Bisect is constantly failing (see screenshot).

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 10.26.11

What I tried

I have not added any extension, on the contrary I disabled one by one the wide majority of extensions, to no avail. If it can help, VSCode 1.89 is working perfectly - and I reverted to using it as Cursor in this state is unusable.
I tried reinstalling cursor and restarting my device (M2 MBP 16’).

Is this happening to anyone else and do you have suggestions?

Thank you!


Really sorry to hear this.

You can try downloading and using Cursor v0.33.4 from here while we fix this issue.

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