Extremely Basic Question about AI and Internet Access

Please forgive me, brand new to AI. I’ve heard GPT cannot access the internet but does anyone know if there’s another way to accomplish this request and when Cursor in general could actually answer something like this. Here’s my request:

are there newer articles similar to this that solve this problem without using aws eventwatch. @Reddit - Dive into anything

And here is Cursor’s response:

I don’t have the capability to browse the internet or access real-time data, including searching for specific articles or Reddit posts. To find newer articles or discussions similar to the one you mentioned, I recommend manually searching on platforms like Reddit, Medium, or technical blogs that focus on cloud services and serverless architectures. You can use search terms like “handling rate-limited API calls with serverless” or “alternatives to AWS EventWatch for API rate limiting” to find relevant discussions and articles.

I’m not even sure how it suggested what to google, unless maybe it was just parsing the actual URL.

So just on a basic level, when do you think this use case of asking the AI to look at an article would actually be answered or is there someone who wants to explain to me that I’m such a noob that there is a very obvious workaround. Thank you! :slight_smile: