Fast Queries always used in Pro version


I have a Pro subscription and noticed that there is an option to toggle between fast requests and slow requests:


Based on the icons included. I would expect pressing Enter would run a GPT-4 query in slow mode and combining Option and Enter uses Fast Mode. This is great BUT it doesn’t work!

I assumed for several hours that when pressing Enter the request would be run in slow mode however both options count towards my fast query quota for the month.

Please can you resolve this asap as I don’t have a way to stop using my fast quota unless I use gpt3.5

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Hey! Sorry for the confusing terminology here. That fast mode button actually toggles something other than fast / slow requests.

It uses a different context building algorithm that’s supposed to give you a faster response no matter if you’re using a fast / slow request.

We’ll improve this wording and simplify things in the future.

(We’re probably going to remove this option in the future fyi, as we haven’t yet found a ton of benefit from toggling between the fast and slow context building algorithms)

Thanks for the update!

Looking forward to when you release the priority / non-priority GPT requests!


Me too!

I can confirm that setting priority/non priority queries would be useful

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