Feature Request: Integration of Automatic Commit Message Generation in Cursor IDE

Hello Cursor Team and Community,

I’m currently using Cursor, a VS Code-based AI IDE, and I’ve encountered a feature in VS Code that I believe would greatly enhance the Cursor experience.

In VS Code, there’s a convenient functionality within the Source Control tab where GitHub Copilot can automatically generate commit messages based on the changes made.

This feature streamlines the development workflow by providing contextually relevant commit messages, reducing the time and effort typically required to manually craft these messages.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that this useful feature is currently absent in Cursor. Its inclusion, I believe, could significantly improve productivity and efficiency, especially for developers who frequently commit changes. It would also align Cursor with the modern trends of integrating AI assistance in various stages of the development process.

I propose that the Cursor team consider implementing a similar feature. This could potentially be a customizable option, allowing developers to opt-in for automatic commit message generation, or continue with manual input if preferred.

The integration of such a feature would not only enhance the current capabilities of Cursor but also position it as a forward-thinking tool in the realm of AI-assisted development environments.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I’m looking forward to seeing how Cursor continues to evolve and meet the needs of the modern developer community.

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I believe the newer Copilot Chat versions (which, for example, have that AI commit message feature) were blocked because the Cursor wasn’t on the latest VSCode version. Version 0.15.6-nightly switched to the latest VSCode version, but the Copilot Chat features still seem to be buggy. We’ll take a look.

Making our own AI commit message feature is already on our to-do. The underlying functionality for that is actually already implemented:



GitHub Copilot Chat features should be working again in 0.16.0. So you should be able to see the AI commit message button again.

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Yes, it seems to be working fine, thanks for the quick update.

Would be wonderful if by default every commit had a pre-generated message that could be edited.

This appears to be an issue again.

@Drewz Are you not seeing the AI commit message button from Copilot Chat anymore? Are you sure the extension is enabled?