Formatting for documentation is really bad in chat window

Asking for a code block does not fix it. It mixes text with code blocks so can’t even copy and paste.

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Hi @nyck3333,

Thanks for the feedback, and I think this has something to do with code block markdown parsing. I’ll look into it!

Meanwhile, you can copy the entire chat response bubble by clicking the Copy button next to the thumbs up at the end of the response, as attached.

How is the block parsing logic working? If I use Opus, and the chat end (too many token) and it was in the middle of a code block, I select “continue” it will continue to code outside of a code block, but the explanation after the code will be inside a a code block, and more code will in a text block, and then more explanation in a code block. How is that even possible?

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I think that’s due to the fact that each AI response is rendered separately, so the ending triple backticks are misunderstood by the renderer as a new start to a code block in the second response. Will look into it.


This seems to be fixed in the latest version, I now get proper code block on continue.

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@shaoruu it’s happening again with the new gpt-4o