GPT model selection no longer available / "apply to current file" not working

Hi, I’m subscribed to Cursor, but selecting which GPT model to run is no longer available. It seems that all queries are using GPT 3.5 instead of GPT 4. I still have over 200 GPT4 requests available. This problem only started today after the latest (0.20.2) cursor update. The option of “Apply to Current file” is also not working, meaning that when the AI pannel suggests an edit, clicking on the apply button no longer edits my code. I tried reinstalling Cursor/rebooting without any luck. Any ideas on what to do?

Im on a Macbook Pro running sonoma 14.2. 2.6GHz 6core i7, 32GB memory

Please increase the width of the “Chat” window to view the available GPT model options.