How can I buy more requests for this month only?

It seems the only way for me to buy more requests is to ‘subscribe’ to more?

I may only want an additional 500 requests for this month.
But being forced to subscribe for 500 more, means I’ll end up buying more that I didn’t necessarily want to, at month end.

I guess you can subscribe (it will give you an extra 500) and you can cancel right away so it won’t renew next month.

Note that after 500 fast request, you can still use unlimited slow request. Depending on the hour of the day, slow request might be as fast as fast request.

Unfortunately, I tried that.

But ‘cancelling right away’ then prevents me from accessing the additional requests I’ve just bought.

I’m planning on using my OpenAI API Key once I hit the threshold. With cancelling, could also just set a reminder to cancel in 20 days or whatever.


Yea I may try those.

It’s all just quite a hassle.

Honestly I think it reflects badly on Cursor that it’s set up this way and they aren’t fixing it.

It comes across as a dark pattern. I’d expect it of bigger corporates.

I don’t think there is any malicious intent here, more likely that they are startup with limited development resource and they need to prioritize. Those are all scenario that they didn’t plan for. They could reuse the code that they did for Opus and charge $0.05 per extra fast request. If you deny it, it run the slow one.