Inquiry about Azure's Customer Copyright Commitment

Hi guys.
We would like to use Cursor for work, but are you doing any processing on the OpenAI output results?
If we use the Azure OpenAI API, is it subject to the Azure’s Customer Copyright Commitment?

From Privacy Policy | Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

  • If you enable “Privacy Mode” in Cursor’s settings, none of your code will ever be stored by us or any third-party (except for OpenAI which persists the prompts we send to them for 30 days for trust and safety, unless you’re on the business plan).
  • If you choose to keep Privacy Mode off, we may save prompts / collect telemetry data to improve the product.
  • Even if you use your API key, your requests will still go through our backend! That’s where we do our final prompt building.

And the business plan has OpenAI’s zero-data retention:

“Instead of OpenAI’s normal policy of retaining data for 30 days for trust and safety, OpenAI will not retain any prompt data for any period of time for business users.”

Cursor calls the Azure API for you from its backend. So everything that applies to your API calls also applies here. In addition to the other stuff in Cursor’s privacy policy.

Thank you for your response, Jacob.
But you seem to have misunderstood the problem.

What we want to know isn’t about prompts from Cursor to OpenAI.

What we want to know is
“Does Cursor make any modifies to the response from OpenAI?”

Oh okay. Hmm, apart from something like the markdown rendering I can’t really think of anything right now.

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Thank you so much, Jakob!

Please let me know if there are any changes.