Intepreter mode can't access the shell


Shell not supported. Command detection must be available, for now.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22631.3296]


I still have this problem on Windows.

I still have this problem on Windows after reinstalling. Please someone look into this.

help pls

I have the same problem. Can we get some sort of acknowledgement from the team please?

i don’t think interpreter mode is supposed to be able to access the shell (it just runs python sandbox). the team can confirm, but i think you need to use the “terminal mode” for shell scripts.

It did give that message for everything, but after reinstalling Windows 11 it turns out you are right and I didn’t check if Jupyter notebook works, which it does! How do I enable Terminal Mode?

open a terminal

use command + k or command + /


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Thank you it works!

Anyone having issues detecting installed ipykernel? It doesn’t see the one I have, tries to install and the install doesn’t work. @admins how do I point interpreter to a currently installed kernel or how do I fix this?

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Same here, but for like a month now