Issue with Changing Permissions for a Mounted .AppImage for Plugin Use


I’m facing an issue with a .AppImage application that mounts itself in a different directory each time it’s executed. I’m trying to use a plugin( [

Apc Customize UI++

](Apc Customize UI++ - Visual Studio Marketplace) with this application, but to do so, I need to change the ownership of the mounted directory to my user with sudo chown -R $(whoami) [directory]. However, because the mount point changes with each execution, setting the permissions becomes a recurring problem. Additionally, whenever I activate the plugin, the application restarts, remounting in a new directory and thereby resetting any permissions I had set.

I’ve tried changing the permissions of the .AppImage file itself before execution, but this does not solve the problem with the mounted directory permissions for the plugin’s operation.

I’m looking for a way to either:

Consistently mount the .AppImage in the same directory to apply permissions correctly, or
Automatically set the necessary permissions on the new mount point every time the application restarts.
Any advice or solutions on how to manage permissions for a .AppImage’s dynamically changing mount point would be greatly appreciated. I’m running on an Arch Linux system

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

anyone? :smiling_face_with_tear:


I was using that extension too in VSCode up until switching to Cursor. I had to uninstall it because of the issues you’re describing.

Did you manage to find a solution?