Issue with color theme

recently got a subscription to try this out. Currently having a few game-breaking issues, figure I should at least drop a post before giving up on this in case someone’s got the fix

I’ll start with the most obvious one I’ve hitting, color theme shows up wrong. Here’s how it should look (VSCode): (nevermind, I can only upload one image since I’m new)

Here’s how it looks in cursor:

one thing that’s interesting, is if I switch from another thing back to this one, it is correct for around a second and then reverts to this behavior

here’s the theme I’m using, in case that helps Kinda Monokai Dark - Visual Studio Marketplace

I’m pretty tied to this theme. Lots of intuitive associations.

Things I tried so far:

  • import preexisting VSCode settings on normal build
  • install extension manually on nightly build with minimal extensions
    ^ currently installed extensions

Thanks :slight_smile:

and here’s how it ought to look

maybe there’s something up with parsing extra conditions in language keywords for themes or something? this theme has a lot of specific colors, and red italics is correct for many language keywords, but not correct for class/def.

Also the way that it loads correctly at the beginning then switches to this behavior makes me think the specific rule it has for class/def is getting overwritten after a few seconds and reverted to a general “language keyword” category.

one last detail, I’m using Linux Mint

one more theory, maybe this is a pyright/pylance thing? I usually have pylance on my VSCode build. idk if themes get their attribute categories from the language server or not though

Yep, I think this is because you don’t have all the Python language servers installed. Does it work if you install all the Python language servers?

oh cool I’ll check for others, I did a search for pylance and didn’t find it – will search around the extensions more though

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think I’m not clear on what more I need to install.

Also I found this setting, but it seems to revert off of pylance every time I restart the application

wondering if it doesn’t actually have pylance and maybe that’s why it reverts? Not clear on how I can install pylance either, seems like MS doesn’t want me to install it like a third party extension :confused:

Oh and I didn’t see any other language server for python that I could install when I searched for extensions, maybe there’s something third party I should try though.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile: