Issue with Japanese Output in Cursor Editor Following Recent Update?

Thank you for your continuous efforts in creating astonishing and inspiring developments. I have encountered an issue with the Japanese output in my Cursor Editor since the recent update. Specifically, when I attempt to apply the code outputted in the chat to the current file, byte characters are produced instead. I apologize if the cause lies within my own setup, as I am a beginner in programming.

I’ve had this happen to me today also. Happened at least half a dozen times.


For me it only happened in the quick chat and not the sidebar chat. And Chinese instead of Japanese.

Thanks for point these out!

We’re currently fixing the apply button language issue.

I would love to hear more about the quick chat option though. Does your code in your current file include Chinese characters? And can you send a screenshot of your code here?

@pes Could you try again? Made a change on our end.

Thank you for the prompt correction. While the byte characters no longer appear, the sections where they were have been omitted in the output.

@pes Hmmm, what about now? Made one more change.

Thank you so much. The problem has been resolved!

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I don’t have any non-english characters or language in my codebase… so it is quite random.

Here’s the function that I believe I was working on with the quickchat:

FWIW in that timezone code, the timezones are all western ones, so there is no reference to Asia or China there either.

Haven’t had any more occurrences of bug so far

CleanShot 2024-02-18 at 23.11.18

got Spanish the other day and again today

I’ve also gotten Spanish very randomly (2-3 days ago) when using the quick chat feature after highlighting some code. I’ve never gotten it when interacting w/ the Chat pane. It looked correct AFAIK but that was amusing :slight_smile:

Hehe yes, I do speak a bit of Spanish and the writing is indeed correct.