LaTeX rendering in chat

It’d be nice to add LaTeX rendering to the chat interface. It’s already using Markdown, so probably it’s easy to implement a Mathjax plugin.

For example, I use Cursor to discuss papers (previously transformed to .mdd using Nougat), and it would be nice to have the GPT-4 replies with LaTeX rendering in the chat.


+1 :+1:

This is implemented in version 0.30!

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Yes, thanks!

Nonetheless, I’ve noticed that only accepts “\(” and “\[” for inline math, but $ and $$ are not accepted. So half of the time the rendering fails. I’ve tried to give pre-set instructions to the LLM in the settings and it helps but it’s not perfect.


This would be bad for some use cases of mine where I want to directly copy the latex code. So a switch would be appreciated.

Sorry but why can’t my cursor AI can’t print latex correctly? It print something like [ \int_V (\nabla \cdot \mathbf{F}) , dV = \oint_S \mathbf{F} \cdot d\mathbf{S} ] QAQ.