New AI Project gone?

Hey! We did remove New AI project. It was an unmaintained prototype that we built a long time ago, and we were getting a lot of complaints from users that stumbled across it.

We were faced with the decision of 1) keep it as is and let lots of users have a bad time 2) take time away from our existing roadmap and dedicate it to making New AI Project great or 3) admit that it’s not the focus right now and remove it.

#1 really did not seem tenable. We chose #3 over #2 because we think there’s a really great product to be built for helping engineers work in the context of an existing codebase and that that demands our full attention.

It’s possible we’ll come back to this in the future! Otherwise, I’m sure products focused on spinning up a new codebase from scratch will mature and serve that usecase better than we would of (like Vercel’s v0 for instance).