New AI Project gone?

can you guys stop removing features please? i used the “create new AI project” feature aswell as “review” features pretty heavily but when i go to use the review feature today its gone. is there anyway to install an older version?. it was incredibly useful and ive come to rely on it :frowning:


Hi there - sorry about this. Had a bug with AI Review - can you try downloading the newest version (Cmd + Shift + P, then “Attempt Update”)? It should be working on this one!


thank you! im happy its just a bug i was worried it got removed haha

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Hello, I can’t see the “Create new ai project” button anymore and I’m trying to execute the update but nothing is happening (CTRL+Shift+P > Attempt Update)
Is there any way I can fix that on Windows ?

isnt interpreter mode = create new ai project?

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Interpreter mode is not the same as “New AI project”. Unfortunately, this functionality has been removed from the menu.

Ooooh, I hope the “New AI Project” feature is not gone! Though I rarely use it now, that’s easily my favorite feature when I have sudden ideas or just get curious about what the AI might do. It’s pretty damn good, to be honest. It does better than GPT Engineer projects pretty consistently.

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Hey! We did remove New AI project. It was an unmaintained prototype that we built a long time ago, and we were getting a lot of complaints from users that stumbled across it.

We were faced with the decision of 1) keep it as is and let lots of users have a bad time 2) take time away from our existing roadmap and dedicate it to making New AI Project great or 3) admit that it’s not the focus right now and remove it.

#1 really did not seem tenable. We chose #3 over #2 because we think there’s a really great product to be built for helping engineers work in the context of an existing codebase and that that demands our full attention.

It’s possible we’ll come back to this in the future! Otherwise, I’m sure products focused on spinning up a new codebase from scratch will mature and serve that usecase better than we would of (like Vercel’s v0 for instance).


This didn’t work. Please advise.

Is there a way to revert this update? I loved the tool as it was helpful for someone with rudimentary coding experience. I will likely cancel my account if there is no way to continue using that feature.

You can keep using an earlier version of the client using these links (Mac Arm, Mac Intel, Windows, Linux).

If you’d prefer to cancel your account, just shoot me a note at, and I’ll send you a refund.

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Maybe the feature could be brought back and disabled by default and we(users) enable it under the new “beta” tab or some kind of “deprecated” tab to ensure users know what to expect?


Agree with this sentiment. There is no program that matches this functionality. I would love to see this return even if it is not yet completed.

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I just wanted to make a quick note that is really important to me and many other users. Could you please bring the “New AI Project” function back into the game? It’s really been missing since it was removed.

Honestly, it made life easier for many of us, especially when it comes to getting smaller projects off the ground. This thing has saved us so much time and nerves during the initial setup. You can’t imagine how handy it was!

I know you are constantly improving and optimising, but sometimes less is more. This function was really worth its weight in gold and I already miss it.

So, please reconsider. Bring it back and make us (all) happy!

Thanks in advance!


That’s understandable.

I hope to see a return of this feature in the future, or perhaps an open-source version of it. I’m curious about its popularity. Personally, I don’t use copilot because I find it distracting. I prefer to fully engage the LLM to generate complete code instead of supplementing my own. For me, it’s a tool for quickly expressing ideas. However, I see its value for those who are actively learning and working with code, even if they might be less represented.

Thanks for your thoughtful response!

just use chatgpt and paste the code in. Does a better job since anything beyond a really simple app is going to go off the rails if you let it try to do it alone

Thank you! I joined the forum just to look for this. Totally understand.

I find it very useful to build api’s really quickly or scripts that i can do but take a long time lol. having it as an option while not complete is great.

hope to see this feature even as is added back to the releases so we can use an up to date client as well (as someone said maybe just hide it).

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This suggestion does not work.

Hi @kwamepr,

For AI Review, could you check again under Cursor SettingsBetaAI Review to see if you have it enabled?

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AH that works, thanks so much! If I had read the changelog would I have stumbled upon this change?

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