Official documentation request for Python Plotly API


Glad that I found Cursor! I think Cursor is one of the best tools in the AI-assisted SW development. I wast just tinkering with Python and Streamlit and was delighted that official docs included Streamlit. . I tried to index Plotly docs but could not get it to index those properly. It just seems to partially crawl that page.

So my request would be to include Plotly Python API (Python API reference for plotly — 5.16.0 documentation) into official docs or maybe guide me to index these properly.

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Hey! What makes you think the crawler didn’t index the plotly docs correctly? Could you say more?

Sorry. Now when I look at my message I was doing really poor work describing this. It seemed to process only couple of the urls. Perhaps that was some transient problem.

I noticed that new release got some awesome updates on docs handling and tested with the latest version. I can confirm that it crawled through all the needed urls. Also, new features provided visibility to the indexed contents. Thanks for the great product!

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