Pointers to directories, rather than an entire database or a single file


We’ve been using Pro license of Cursor and it’s a great product.
But we’re using it in a big production product, which has features as modules, e.g NestJS or NextJS frameworks.

What we need is to be able to tell Cursor at certain folders to either debug it or produce a similar feature, because letting it scan the entire codebase won’t work, too many files, it will run out of context tokens.

We’re also looking to invest into Cursor through our VC company, would be happy to chat with the founders off the forums.


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I’ve been wanting this feature as well. It’s much easier to handle a big codebase this way!

I assumed it was already doing this to an extent - surely it isn’t indexing every line in node_modules?

What we want here (or at least my interpretation of the feature request) is to be able to @src or @accounts to select all files in that folder specifically for the context. Instead of having to select all the files one by one when we don’t want to include the whole codebase.

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Noted! I like the idea of adding an @folder. How many lines of code would you want to fit in here? If it’s more than a few thousand lines, we might need to be clever about how things are put in the context window.

I think generally a few thousand lines should be sufficient, but I am sure there will be times when more is required.

@truell20 people can be granular with their folder selection, e.g multiple folders.
What I noticed is you guys have a nice filter out when searching through a codebase, but it’s not a global config. If that was a thing, then people could f.e exclude all their spec files, all node_modules, some unrelated files such as CSS, assets (svg), and only point the system to parse .ts files.

So a combination of global ignore and @folder would do the trick


Would love this ability, to help target context at a step between a single file and the whole codebase.

@borisprism’s idea of a config to omit specific items at default from whole codebase would be great as well.

Ideally @folder would include all child directories.