Python configuration

I am trying to run a simple hello world python file.
I’ve imported the launch.json configuration from my vscode, but when I try to run the file I got this error bellow :


Then when I click on install python extension I get this error :

“Error while fetching extensions. XHR failed”
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So I follow your tutorial on how to install an extension, I downloaded the Python extension


When I try to drag that into the extension page, nothing appear, its like its not recognize.
I get this error:
“Unable to install extension ‘ms-python.python’ as it is not compatible with VS Code ‘1.80.1’.”

What can I do please?

Asking the question in the “Chat” feature, they say it may be related to Firewall/Antivirus issue. As I am using that app on my corporate desktop, which URL/Port should I tell them to unlock?
Also, VSCode is working on my machine perfectly, so it’s not something related to vscode website extension, it’s something related to cursor. Is there a specific url or port I need to unlock?
Many thanks

Lucky for you, I struggled with this recently and found a solution. Hopefully, it works for you too.

You can edit the ‘extensionsGallery’ in your product.json. If you’re on Windows it should be in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\cursor\resources\app by default.

Inside there is an “extensionGallery” with some things like “serviceUrl”. I replaced everything in the extensionGallery to be like this.

Note that you will need to remove the spaces that I added in the links. New users can’t post that many links.

“extensionsGallery”: {
“serviceUrl”: “https:// marketplace.visualstudio. com/_apis/public/gallery”,
“cacheUrl”: “https:// net/gallery/index”,
“itemUrl”: “https:// marketplace.visualstudio. com/items”

Why do you need to do this? I’m not too sure. Are there potentially some other consequences of doing this? I have no idea, but everything that I’m using is working now.

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Hey William! Waw many thanks! That saved me maybe days of research!
That fixed my issue too!
Many thanks again

I don’t have a “cacheUrl” in there but edited the other ones so still getting XHR failed.