Request for Environment Variable Information

Request to Move .cursor Directory to a Different Location


Hi team,

I am using the Cursor app and I would like to change the location of the .cursor directory which is currently located at $HOME.


  1. Current Setup:

• The .cursor directory is currently located in the $HOME directory.

  1. Desired Setup:

• I would like to move the .cursor directory to a different location, for example, /custom/path/to/.cursor.


  1. Are there any environment variables available that allow specifying a custom location for the .cursor directory?

  2. If such variables exist, could you please provide details on how to configure them?


If there is an environment variable like CURSOR_HOME, how should it be set? For instance:

export CURSOR_HOME=/custom/path/to/.cursor

Thank you for your assistance and for the great work on Cursor!

Is this possible in Vscode?