Rules for AI does not seem to work for 'no context' or 'codebase context' chats

Hi all,

I noticed that the AI chat does not respond in the same rule based manner (based on the rules input in the settings) for no context or codebase context chats. Is this intended?

I.e., I have a rule that the AI has to put ‘Thinking [x seconds]’ before each response with thinking rules behind the scenes. It always performs this in regular context chats, but never does this in no context or codebase chats. The overall response seems to deviate from the rules as well.

Thanks again!

Any updates on this point by any chance? Still doesn’t seem to work

I asked the AI about my rules in both ‘no context’ and ‘codebase context’ chats, and it could return them. Can you also try asking the AI to return your rules in such chats? Does it actually not know them?

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You are correct, it seems to work. It responded slightly differently in those cases I noticed but I tweaked the rules a bit to make it more consistent. Thanks.