[SOLVED] Bug - Models disappeared

Hi there,

I had access to many new models (Gemini Flash, Haiku, Sonnet, GPT-4o 100k context) and now they are all gone since I updated the app.

Is it a bug? How can I get those models back?

ok I understood. The models are now under ‘Long Context’


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Looks like many of you have access to Gemini, is this planned to be also offered for those who’re subscribed?

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Yes it is! It should show up for you in the next few days in Long Context Chat.

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any plans to add gemini back to inline edits (cmd k)?

I think we will - Gemini 1.5 Flash is so fast. Have to optimize the cmd k experience for it first. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

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glad to hear it — it quickly became my go to in my limited time using it as it outperformed and the results (and UX) are not the same using it in long form chat.

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Wow! Thanks so much for telling me, that’s very useful. Were you comparing it to gpt-4o, or cursor-small, or something else?

For a temporary solution, you can turn it back on by adding a Google API Key in Settings. gemini-1.5-flash should show up.

good to know — I’ll play around with it some more then.

I was mostly comparing it to gpt4/gpt4o and gpt4-128.

I also found cursor-small and llama-3-70b to be useful in inline edits. During the time it was available, I mostly just used those two along with gemini-1.5-flash-500k. Moving forward going to try to compare against gpt-4-turbo as that seems to the recommended flavor for code.

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