Struggling with Azure OpenAI setting

I am struggling with BYOK with Azure Open AI. Seems to validate but nothing happens in the AI chat.


The settings switch is green and validates.

This seems like a bug! Thank you for reporting. Version 0.12.0, coming today or tomorrow, should improve the error messages here and make it easier to debug.

I’m surprised the UI doesn’t ask for information about deployment / engine names. Azure OpenAI resources can and often do have custom names for deployments “wrapping” individual models.

It used to work like a charm, today suddenly oai gpt doesnt work and in setting there is no endpoint but only KEY to be configured, does cursor drop the support for OAI?

@wey are you using a normal OpenAI key? What error are you seeing? Can you screenshot?

No, sorry I was using Azure OpenAI key for long time, as I recall I somehow configured that Key in cursor, but recently Azure OAI seemed to be removed, right?

If that’s on purpose, I’ll subscribe the pro tier then.

what did yall do to fix this? I started getting this issue all of a sudden today and not sure why. I tested the key and it works, but for some reason azure oai on cursor keeps hitting me w errors

Apologies about this! We had some issues yesterday and today, but it should be back up now.