Support Gemini of Google Vertex AI in addition OpenAI

Hi Cursor team,

Google announced Gemini as a part of Google Cloud Vertext AI. I want Cursor to support Gemini as well, so that we can potentially reduce costs and get a little more precise AI-generated outputs.

Today, I use Cursor with my own OpenAI API key. Like this, I want to customize Cussor to use Gemini too.


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Definitely want to do this once Gemini Ultra is available!


would be very cool, and gemini is more const effective too

Agree. Supporting alternatives to OpenAI is the direction Jet Brains is going. JetBrains AI Service and In-IDE AI Assistant

This would be very nice since Gemini right now is free so it gives people a chance to really try out Cursor for the next couple of months. It’s a win-win for the Cursor team so I don’t understand why they aren’t jumping on this. This way Cursor gets closely associated as the go-to IDE for use with Gemini where as not jumping on this wagon means risk of a competitor that is better with Gemini appear on the horizon.

We’re under the impression that the Pro model is about roughly equivalent or worse than 3.5. Very excited to try Ultra.

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Yes, I realized now that it’s actually unusable for me at this point.

Ultra seems to be really good, even better than GPT4. Is there any news on supporting it?

Awaiting API access to the model.


:raised_hands: yaaaay