Task: refactor Owasp Juice Shop to make quantities limitless

I read on Medium that I could open a code base in Cursor and ask questions about it in entirety (a bit like loading a zip file to ChatGPT 4) so I opened the cloned Juice Shop and asked it which files to refactor to perform this task but it’s unable to. Is there a special way to open the chat pane? I have it as a side pane going down vertically on the RHS of the IDE.

I see that when I have individual files open, it uses that file but only one.

I saw a short little tutorial open when I first started cursor after installing but is there a more extensive one that can help with this kind of code-base-wide task?

I tried with “with codebase” button and it gave me an answer I will try.

For the best results navigate to the “More” tab in the right AI sidebar, make sure codebase indexing is set up, and then in chat use the “Ctrl + Enter” codebase context chat bind when you send your message or include @Codebase in your message.